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Meet the 2015 Co-Chairs

We're proud to have Mary Alice Serafini and Javier Reyes serving as co-chairs of Red, White & True's 5th anniversary effort. 

Red, White and True 2015 Co-Chairs

Learn more about why these campus leaders make it a priority to give back.

Mary Alice Serafini

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Executive Director of the Pat Walker Health Center

“It is important for me to be involved with the Red, White & True effort because of the shared commitment I have with my colleagues to participate in the success of programs and university initiatives.  By giving from the heart, we collectively make an impact on people’s lives and the future of the University of Arkansas.” 

Javier Reyes

Vice Provost for Distance Education
Associate Professor of Economics

“There’s no better way to build the future than through education, and my membership helps do just that by providing scholarships to talented students.  As co-chair, I hope to lead by example and encourage all faculty and staff to give back to their favorite areas of campus, too.”

Meet the 2015 Volunteer Team

Joining the co-chairs are 36 volunteers from across campus who are equally passionate about the U of A and proud to give back.  Over the coming weeks, these volunteers will be reaching out to their colleagues to spread the word about and encourage participation in the 5th annual Red, White & True effort.

Find a volunteer in your college or division:

Stephanie Bukoski-Smith* - 575-7599 (Interior Design)

Rachael Armstrong - 575-2347 (Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences)

Lona Robertson* - 575-2034 (Bumpers College Administration/HESC)

Leigh Southward - 575-4311 (Human Environmental Sciences)

Kathy Comfort* - 575-6062 (World Languages, Literatures & Cultures)

Pearl Dowe - 575-6434 (Political Science)

Alishia Ferguson - 575-3796 (School of Social Work)

Charles Gaines - 575-2732 (External Relations)

Hershel Hartford - 575-3048 (Communication)

Robert Hopper - 575-3589 (Music)

Douglas Rhoads - 575-7396 (Biological Sciences )


Lizzie Johnson* - 575-3268 (External Relations)

Vivian Reese Hill - 575-3951 (Applied Sustainability Center)

Molly Rapert - 575-7707 (Marketing)


Susan Patton* - 575-4280 (Eleanor Mann School of Nursing)

Amanda Sullivan - 575-4099 (Health, Human Performance & Recreation)


Kim Bullard* - 575-3053 (Student Affairs)

Thomas Carter III - 575-5009 (Dean's Office)

Ed Pohl - 575-6042 (Industrial Engineering)

 Kelsey Lovewell* - 575-6340 (Communications & Recruitment)
Michael Freeman* - 575-5003 (International Students and Scholars)

Mary Beth Matthews* - 575-3299 (Law)

Carol Goforth - 575-7933 (Law)

Karen Jennings - 575-2466 (ISIS/Uptown Campus)

Jonathan Langley* - 575-2716 (Nationally Competitive Awards)

Kathryn Huddler* - 575-7336 (University of Arkansas Police Department)

Doug Moore* - 575-7480 (Facilities Management)

Whitney Jones - 575-5002 (New Student and Family Programs)

Casey Maute - 575-4649 (Pat Walker Health Center)

Felisha Perrodin* - 575-3951 (Housing)

Helene Wommack - 575-5001 (Greek Life)

Carolyn Baltz - 575-7222 (Arkansas Alumni Association)

Amanda Cothren - 575-7944 (University Relations)

Steve Voorhies* - 575-3583 (University Relations)


Michelle Gibeault - 575-3362 (Reference)

Kalli Vimr* - 575-6455 (Dean's Office)